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Our Services

  • 1. Geo Technical Services
  • QEL Service Site Investigations (Both On – Shore & Offshore)
    QEL Service Plate Load Testing
    QEL Service Zone Testing
    QEL Service Topographic & Bathymetric Survey
  • 2. Materials Consultancy
  • Quarry Investigations
    QEL Service Experienced Geologist and Engineers are available who are capable of evaluating the potential new sources and assessment of the existing quarries.
    Aggregate Evaluation
    QEL Service Expert opinion can be provided on the type of the aggregate, suitability of the aggregate for its intended usage etc.
    Material Failure Investigation
    QEL Service Detailed investigations can be undertaken to establish the cause / causes of material failure or deterioration or other distress. Moreover if found to be necessary detailed test programme can be prepared and implemented, results analyzed to arrive at the fruit cause of the problems and to suggest remedial measures.
    Building Condition Survey
    QEL Service Condition survey of the existing structures can be undertaken by performing various tests for insurance purpose, structural evaluation, fire damage assessment, deterioration assessment etc.
  • 3. Specialized Testing
  • Sonic pile testing (PIT) : Integrity testing of precast and cast in-situ concrete Piles using Seismic echo technique.
    Dynamic Pile Testing (PDA) : Analysis of pile and hammer parameters by measurements taken during driving, with predictions of Pile bearing capacity. Piles using Seismic echo technique.
    Geophysical testing : Seismic refraction, cross-hole sonic logging. Electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity, Microgravity survey, electromagnetic inductive Conductivity measurements, vertical magnetic Gradient surveys, ground probing radar and high Speed pavement radar.
  • 4. Chemical Lab Services
  • QEL Service Available experienced and highly qualified team chemical analysis of any type of material including Soil, Aggregate, Concrete, Cement, Micro silica , PFA, Water & Waste Water to suit the client requirement.
  • 5. Soil
  • Classification Tests
    QEL Service Classification for Engineering QEL Service purposes
    QEL Service Moisture content
    QEL Service Bulk and dry densities
    QEL Service Specific gravity (particle density)
    QEL Service Liquid limit, plastic limit and plasticity index
    QEL Service Linear shrinkage Characteristics
    QEL Service Particle size distribution (sieve analysis and hydrometer)
    QEL Service Chemical analysis (including pH, sulphates, chloride and carbonate content)
    Compaction Testing
    QEL ServiceMaximum and minimum dry densities of granular soil
    QEL ServiceDetermination of dry density / moisture content relationship (Proctor compaction using 2.5 Kg and 4.5 Kg or vibrating rammers)
    QEL ServiceCalifornia Bearing Ratio (CBR), soaked or unsoaked
    QEL ServiceIn –situ density (nuclear and sand replacement)
    Strength Testing
    QEL Service Unconfined compressive strength
    QEL Service Triaxial Compression Test (consolidated / unconsolidated, drained / undrained, with or without pore pressure measurement)
    QEL Service Shear strength by direct shear box apparatus (60x60mm and 300x300mm samples)
    Settlement / Permeability Testing
    QEL Service One–dimensional consolidation properties
    QEL ServiceSwelling characteristic
    QEL ServicePermeability (constant and falling head)
  • 6. Rock Testing
  • QEL Service Uniaxial compressive strength
    QEL Service Deformability of rock core (Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio)
    QEL Service Indirect tensile strength of intact rock core specimens
    QEL Service Point load strength
    QEL Service Triaxial testing
    QEL Service Slake durability index
    QEL Service Compression and shear wave velocities
    QEL Service Moh’s Scratch Hardness
    QEL Service Petrography Examination
    QEL Service Rock Grading
    QEL Service Drop Breakage index tests for rock armour
    QEL Service Length to thickness ratio test for rock armour
  • 7. Aggregates
  • QEL Service Moisture content
    QEL Service Unit weight and voids
    QEL Service Sieve analysis of fine and coarse aggregates
    QEL Service Clay lumps and friable particles
    QEL Service Specific gravity (particle density)
    QEL Service Water absorption
    QEL Service Flakiness index
    QEL Service Elongation index
    QEL Service Sand equivalent value
    QEL Service Lightweight particles
    QEL Service Aggregate crushing value (ACV)
    QEL Service Ten per cent fines value (TFV)
    QEL Service Aggregate impact value (AIV)
    QEL Service Resistance to degradation by Los Angeles Abrasion
    QEL Service Potential alkali-silica reactivity (Chemical method, mortar bar method, Petrographic Examination)
    QEL Service Soundness (sodium sulfate or magnesium sulfate)
    QEL Service Shell content
    QEL Service Organic matter content
    QEL Service Chemical analysis (including sulfate and chloride contents)
    QEL Service Petrographic examination
    QEL Service Drying shrinkage characteristics
  • 8. Cement
  • QEL Service Initial and final setting time
    QEL Service Fineness
    QEL Service Soundness
    QEL Service Heat of hydration
    QEL Service Compressive strength
    QEL Service Chemical analysis
    QEL Service Alkali content
  • 9. PFA and Micro silica
  • QEL Service Full testing to EN/ASTM standard
  • 10. GRG Composite
  • QEL Service Flexural Strength
    QEL Service Impact Resistance
    QEL Service Hardness
    QEL Service Coeff. of linear thermal expansion
    QEL Service Humidified deflection
    QEL Service Surface burning characteristic
    QEL Service Behavior at 750oC
    QEL Service Nail Pull resistance
  • 11. Fresh Concrete
  • QEL Service Mix design
    QEL Service Temperature monitoring
    QEL Service Slump test
    QEL Service Compacting factor
    QEL Service Air content
    QEL Service Bleeding
    QEL Service Density
    QEL Service Cement content
    QEL Service Aggregate content
    QEL Service Water content
    QEL Service Chemical analysis
  • 12. Hardened Concrete
  • QEL Service Strength Testing (compressive, Tensile, flexural) Cubes, cylinder s and cores , Precast units (Blocks, bricks, flags, kerbs, edgings, terrazotiles and quadrants
    QEL Service Durability studies
    QEL Service Water absorption
    QEL Service Initial surface absorption (ISAT)
    QEL Service Water permeability (DIN)
    QEL Service Porosity (RILEM)
    QEL Service Rapid determination of chloride ion permeability
    QEL Service Building Investigations
    QEL Service Concrete coring, with or without compressive strength
    QEL Service Concrete dust sampling
    QEL Service Chemical analysis (including sulfate and chloride contents)
    QEL Service Bond Strength (concrete, mortar)
    QEL Service Surface hardness using rebound hammer
    QEL Service Hammer sounding surveys
    QEL Service Carbonation depth surveys
    QEL Service Cover meter depth to reinforcement surveys
    QEL Service Half cell potential surveys (reinforcement corrosion potential)
    QEL Service Ultrasonic pulse velocity measurements (PUNDIT), concrete quality, crack and void detection
    QEL Service Crack monitoring and investigation
    QEL Service Radar surveys
  • 13. Ceramic and Stone Tiles
  • QEL Service Bond strength (pull-off test)
    QEL Service Dimension
    QEL Service Flatness, straightness of sides, rectangularity
    QEL Service Water absorption / Porosity
    QEL Service Modulus of rapture / Flexural strength
    QEL Service Compressive strength
    QEL Service Moh's scratch hardness
    QEL Service Resistance to thermal shock
    QEL Service Chemical resistance
    QEL Service Abrasion resistance
  • 14. Steel
  • QEL Service Tensile, yield and Elongation
    QEL Service Bend and Re-bend
    QEL Service Chemical analysis
    QEL Service Epoxy coating thickness
    QEL Service Welder and Welding Procedure qualification tests to ASME IX and AWS
  • 15. Asphalt
  • QEL Service Marshall Stability
    QEL Service Binder content / mix analysis
    QEL Service Bulk density
    QEL Service Theoretical maximum specific gravity
    QEL Service Air voids
    QEL Service Coring
  • 16. Thermoplastic Road marking material
  • QEL Service Composition and physical properties to BS and EN
  • 17. NDT
  • QEL Service Radiography
    QEL Service DP
    QEL Service MPI
    QEL Service UT

Our Laboratory Services

Geo Technical
Site Investigations (both onshore and offshore), Plate Load Testing, Zone Testing, Topographic & Bathymetric Survey.
Material Testing
Quarry Investigations, Aggregate Evaluation, Material Failure Investigation, Building Condition Survey.
Chemical Testing
Chemical analysis of any type of materials including Soil, Aggregate, Concrete, Cement, Micro silica, PFA, Water & Waste Water
Steel Testing
Tensile, Yield & Elongation, Bend & Re-Bend, Chemical Analysis, Epoxy Coating Thickness, Welder & Welding Procedure Qualification tests.
Special Testing
Sonic pile testing (PIT), Dynamic pile testing (PDA), Geophysical testing.

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